Steve Beede was born and grew up in a tough, working class, neighborhood in Boston, Mass. As a young boy, realizing that no-one in his family or community ever went to college, Steve entered the printing trade and, after working his way through high school, decided that perhaps he could work his way through college as well.

In 1972, Steve graduated from Boston State College with double honors majors in Political Science and History and at the same time graduated from Massachusetts Military Academy and became a National Guard Officer.

In 1977, Steve and his wife, Ann, started investing in real estate and through creative financing and hard work, soon amassed over a million dollars in property, including homes, condos, and apartment complexes and they became leaders in the real estate investment community working with many of the original “gurus” such as Al Lowry, Bob Harrington, and others. They were “flippers” before the term existed. By the early

1980’s they had moved to California, built their dream house, and planned on retiring in 1987. Unfortunately, as Steve puts it: “1986 arrived first”. In 1986, the Federal government changed the tax laws and overnight their investment business was wiped out when no buyers could be found. They dumped their home and investments for pennies on the dollar and moved into a rental while they regrouped. Rather than taking a “job” as so many advised them, Steve & Ann jumped into residential real estate and became very successful brokers while they rebuilt their finances and by 1990 were ready to start buying.

However, in July 1990, the first Gulf War started and the real estate market crashed again. Incredibly, one week later, Steve was able to talk his way into Lincoln Law School and started a four year process of working as a broker during the day and going to school at night. In between, they raised their young family and worked on their properties. In 1994, Steve graduated law school and immediately formed his own firm specializing in real estate and business, BPE Law Group, which has since grown into one of the most respected firms in Sacramento handing cases nation-wide. Meanwhile, Steve & Ann continue acquiring and operating properties in California and Idaho and today are active investors seeking more opportunities in this incredible buyer’s market. In addition to leading his law firm and advising and representing clients world-wide, Steve is in demand as a seminar speaker, coach, and business consultant. Steve can be reached by e-mail to or check out the company website at

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