Steve went to High School in Boston, MA where he trained to be a printer and worked in the trade full time. By graduation, he decided he wanted to go to college and, after a year at Prep School to get college prep classes, he was accepted into Boston State College where, in 1972, he graduated with a BA with double Honors Majors in Political Science and History. While in college, Steve joined the Army National Guard and was accepted into Massachusetts Military Academy, the Officer Candidate School run by the Army’s Fort Benning. In 1972, Steve was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. He went on to become a Communications Officer and served 6 years in the Guard.

After college, Steve became interested in real estate and became a real estate broker in 1977. He took graduate courses in real estate development at Harvard University and the Boston Architectural Center as well as many industry training programs. As active investors, he and his wife, Ann, attended numerous investment seminars and became leaders under the original investment guru, Dr. Al Lowry.

In 1990, Steve decided to attend law school and was accepted at Lincoln School of Law in Sacramento, CA. He graduated in 1994, received his juris doctorate degree, and passed the tough California Bar Exam his first time. He was sworn in as an attorney on December 1, 1994 and has been practicing law ever since.

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